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Are spiders really spooky enough for Halloween?

Despite the fact that many people revile spiders and kill them on sight, longstanding beliefs throughout the world and from different religious views consider the spider to be lucky, helpful, and a bringer of good fortune.

In Christian mythology, it is said that a spider protected the infant Jesus during the flight into Egypt. The family of Jesus hid in a cave and a spider came and wove a thick web across the entrance. When pursuing soldiers saw the unbroken web, they assumed no one had entered the cave and they continued onward.

Outside Christian traditions in pagan Europe, Africa, and Asia, the spider is regarded as a wonderful creature that has gifts of healing and is friendly to mankind.

A spider in the house is often considered to predict prosperity and happiness. If a spider drops from the roof and touches a person, that person will soon inherit money. With this superstition in mind, dangling decorative spiders around your house for Halloween certainly could not hurt.

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