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Dry Ice Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern
By Treva Bedinghaus

This Halloween, try making your best Jack-o'-Lantern into a stunning centerpiece. With the help of a little dry ice, your Jack-o'-Lantern will mystify trick-or-treaters of all ages. Make this pumpkin friendly or scary.

What you need:
1 large can,
hot water,
3-5 lbs dry ice.

Choose a pumpkin big enough to hold the can. Clean out the pumpkin and carve a friendly or frightening face. Fill the can about half-full of hot water and mix in about a cup of salt. Place the can inside the pumpkin.

Wearing gloves, drop two or three large pieces of dry ice into the can of water. The dry ice will steam up and flow out of the eyes, nose and mouth holes of the pumpkin.

Keep in mind that as the water cools, ice will form around the dry ice, preventing the steam from flowing. The salt in the water helps to prolong the steaming process. When this happens, replace the cold water with hot water. Steam will begin to flow again.

Try lining up several of these Jack-o'-Lanterns on a table. The eerie effect created by the dry ice is stunning. Caution: Please be careful not to let small children touch the dry ice. It will burn the skin.

Treva Bedinghaus is a freelance writer and webmaster of www.partiescometrue.com. She is a mother of three small children and enjoys throwing spectacular parties for them.

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