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Fast Low Budget Halloween Costumes

Perhaps planning ahead is not your strong suit, you're broke, or both, but whatever the factors when Halloween comes you need a costume. The creativity displayed by people is one of the wonderful things about Halloween. When it's time to make a costume, an ounce of imagination is worth a pound of money.

Now, let's look at some fast, low-budget Halloween costume ideas to get your brain cells trick-or-treating. With little or no money, you will be out on Halloween having fun and getting noticed.

The Bed Sheet - This Halloween classic has been keeping people and families on budget for decades. To obtain a new sheet check the clearance shelves at discount stores. You could probably find a flat twin sheet for $5. Now, if you want to avoid the ghost look, go for a toga. A sheet makes an excellent toga. If you do opt to turn yourself into a classic sheet ghost, do take care to avoid resembling some kind of hate group member.

Vampire Fangs - You can pick these up at any drug store, discount store, or costume shop. By themselves they do not accomplish much, but vampire fangs remain a passable attempt at being in costume. You could choose to enhance your bloodsucker look with items from your wardrobe. If you have a suit, put it on and tell people you're a lawyer. Or dress in white, carry a box of cookies, and tell people you'll give them a cookie if they donate blood. And of course a cheap package of Halloween makeup could transform you into the scary undead no matter what you're wearing.

Sunken Ship Survivor -- Look like you were just pulled from a lifeboat after days at sea. Put on some ragged clothes and a life vest and make your hair look dirty with way too much hairspray, and you should look like a freshly rescued unfortunate wretch. If anyone questions you, add that you had to eat some people in the boat.

Nerd - You can accomplish this look by buttoning your shirt all the way, adding some glasses (real or fake) and a pocket protector. Don't hold back on accessories. Here's some nerdy ideas: put a few chess strategy books and programming manuals in a shoulder bag and be sure to take plenty of "readings" with your cell phone.

Nudist - The ultimate in free costuming. Be careful where you do this. Legal restrictions apply.

The Cardboard Box - Creative cardboard box use allows you to construct items like a robot costume, various styles of body armor, or even a tree. A tree? Yes, build a cardboard tube to wrap your torso and then apply branches and leaves from real bushes and trees. This could be a very trendy costume. You would be recycling materials and maybe you could get people to buy carbon offsets from you. Warning: Beware of rolls of toilet paper.

Granola Girl - Sometimes a performance makes a costume more than elaborate garments. Think of "Too much coffee man" from Mad TV. Aside from the frappacino glasses, his persona was created mainly with performance. You could try parodying other stereotypes like you could be "granola girl." Stop shaving your pits and legs, ditch the bra, pass out organic veggies and pamphlets about clubbing baby seals, and you'll be the talk of the party.

Go Goth - Some heavy makeup and black clothing will be a good start. This will be especially effective if you are totally not a goth person.

Hopefully at this point you are hatching your evil plan for avoiding pricey costumes. Enjoy Halloween and don't be afraid to dress up.

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