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Celebrate Halloween with these grave superstitions

No display of Halloween lawn decorations is complete without a tombstone. The creepiness of graves is something that all people naturally feel. Graves are the place of the dead and people generally believe that it is best to leave them undisturbed or suffer the misfortunes bestowed by angry spirits.

To help inspire your Halloween grave digging and rigging, consider these grave superstitions selected from the numerous horrible outcomes associated with graves.

  • In Christian traditions, graves customarily have their length run from east to west. The feet of the corpse should fit on the east end and the head in the west end. On the dawn of Judgment Day, the dead can rise and face the rising sun of resurrection.
  • Walking on a grave is disrespectful to the dead.
  • Leaving a freshly dug grave open over Sunday is thought to prompt a second death in the near future. If a grave must be left unfilled on Sunday, then it should be covered with boards and turf until the funeral.
  • If the soil on a new grave sinks quickly, then it is said to be a sign that another death in the same family is coming.
  • Disturbing or robbing a grave is believed to rouse the spirit of the dead person and make him or her haunt the vicinity and seek revenge upon the defiler.
  • To plough and sow with crops a field that once had dead people buried on it is believed to produce poor crops and cause the death of the farmer. Old battlefields in agricultural areas surely inspired this superstition.

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