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How to make fake blood for Halloween

This recipe for fake blood has the added benefit of being able to attract flies. It is also safe to apply around your mouth because it is made with corn syrup.

Mix corn syrup with red food coloring. You will need to use a lot of food coloring to get a deep red color. You will need at least one tube of red food coloring. If you plan on making many bloody wounds, then have at least two tubes of red food coloring ready. Corn syrup is very sticky. Apply it where you need a gaping wound. Be warned: It will stain your clothes.

You can make as much or as little of this fake blood as you think you will need for your Halloween costume. For example, a half cup of corn syrup colored red would give you enough fake blood to make wounds on both sides of your face. If you want more blood all over your body, then double or triple the amount of corn syrup, but keep in mind that you don't want to make yourself too sticky with the fake blood.

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