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Black cats - the symbol of superstition and a permanent fixture of Halloween

A traditional Halloween costume that remains popular is the black cat. Ladies tend to gravitate to this costume that is most often based on a tightly fitting black suit or leotard. The fear factor for the costume comes from the common superstition in the United States, Belgium, and Spain that a black cat is unlucky.

In Halloween art, the black cat is almost always represented alongside the witch as her animal familiar. In some confessions extracted during the torture of witches back when that pursuit occupied authorities, witches were said to even transform into cats.

Halloween decorations almost always portray the black cat against a full moon. It is a dramatic image and the ambiguous traits of cats make them good companions for the fearful fun of Halloween. Cats can see in the dark. They hunt and kill, but can be sweet, soft, and purring as well. Cats harbor chaos. They can be happy and purring and then sink their teeth into your hand.

The black cat, presumably because of its color, is a stalwart symbol of superstition itself. Even seemingly rational and educated people can be nervous of a black cat, and refuse to keep one as a pet. Indeed, animal rescue organizations in the United States routinely must refrain from allowing black cat adoptions during Halloween because of fear that twisted people will torture and kill them as a sick Halloween prank.

Interestingly, black cats are considered good luck in Great Britain. Luck will be especially good it is believed if a black cat comes uninvited into a person's house.

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