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Five Top Tips for Saving Money on a Halloween Costume

Sometimes you are more excited about celebrating Halloween than your wallet is. The costume shop hit you with sticker shock and left your blood running cold.

Fortunately, Halloween isn't like the prom. You don't have to spend a pile of money; you will probably have more fun, and you can do it every year.

To start getting your Halloween costumes together for low cost:

1. Check the discount stores and drug stores. They have large selections of costumes for lower prices than the costume shop. And the Halloween costumes and accessories will go on sale a few days before Halloween. Yes things will be pretty picked over by then, but you can get something together for half price.

2. Go to your local thrift stores. They will have old costumes donated to them and you can get creative with the old outdated styles at the thrift store. Prices will be much lower at second hand shops and you will probably find some really cool items once your imagination gets activated.

3. Borrow a costume from a friend or relative. If you know someone who wore a really cool costume the year before, he or she might not want to wear it two years in a row. Borrowing is the ultimate way to save money on your Halloween costume.

4. Buy a wacky accessory. The purchase of a single wig, hat, or prop can give your otherwise homemade costume the appropriate Halloween flair.

5. Get creative and use what you have. People find success every year with costume solutions like dressing up as their roommates or modifying a work uniform. Also, tremendous results are often achieved with such items as toilet paper, duct tape, a lamp shade, or cardboard.

Halloween is the perfect holiday for getting creative

Whether you just go to work in your bathrobe and slippers on Halloween or you turn your home into a Halloween extravaganza that the whole town has to drive by, you can have fun on Halloween with all kinds of creative outlets.

Check out the cool and wacky cheap Halloween costume ideas. Find out how to a sunken ship survivor, tree, or granola girl.

Next, for those fully committed to Halloween, the article about Halloween weddings describes how to have a tasteful and elegant event that includes the most festive holiday.

And if you are really going all out this year with your Halloween costume, read the Halloween Contact Lenses page to learn everything you ever needed to know about these fantastic accessories that will drastically alter your appearance.

Happy Halloween!

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